Restored Republics


“President Trump and the Q team came along. They can help us to a certain point, but then it’s up to us the people to become what we’re supposed to be. All the Q team and President Trump can do is their best effort. Then it’s up to us to decide how we’re going to take the country forward…People must understand it’s not about an individual, a guru…or even a family. It’s not, Which of Trump’s kids, or some other elite-families child is going to become the next president; If you’re looking for that, you are misunderstanding. We are done with monastic reigns! We all have to take on that responsibility… It will be a very sad day if all we have, out of this current turmoil, is a bunch of sheep bleating and looking around for the new shepherd or master, who’s going to lead us out of this? If that’s what we do, then we have failed and we’re doomed. We must each grow up, rise to the occasion, and become leaders ourselves; each ready to take a position at the helm. It’s the only way we survive. But if people remain ignorant, looking for somebody to lead us out of the next tragedy, somebody to be our leader and make all the decisions for us and protect us, then you’re an absolute f-ing a-hole and an idiot. And if you are promoting that, you are not helping. Nobody is promoting someone coming in to be the next savior for America. That’s b.s. The people of America are the savior of America” (Juan O Savin, Kid by the Side of the Road, pp. 26-27).

Video Evidence of Swearing in to the Oath of Office for Acting Governors of California and Illinois