One Nation Under God

Arlington National Cemetery and
John F. Kennedy Memorial

“Mankind must put an end to war – or war will put an end to mankind”

President John F. Kennedy

Our Prayer and Battle Cry

Please, Father, God in heaven, protect our President, his family, and the families of those people who
have taken a stand, draw a line in the sand and penned their name to paper just as our founders did,
deciding to go up against monsters so that we have a country, in which to live free.
Up to this moment, we, as individuals, a nation and a whole planet of people, are still captive to the
events of that Dallas Day in 1963. America has been a captured operation that is still being held back
from our dreams, best hopes, and aspirations. Since that day, America has been in an MK-Ultra trauma-

induced and programmed state, which has been able to keep people from growing mentally, emotionally,
even developmentally. We’ve been militarized in our development and diverted from a godly and
wholesome path to a destructive one for ourselves and the rest of the world.
Until justice is meted out in that 1963 matter, along with all the other mischief that has followed, we will
not become the people, nation and humanity that God intended for us, The Scripture says, “Who will be
valiant for justice sake?” That is our prayer and our battle cry (Juan O Savin, Kid by the Side of the Road, p. 52).