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Send a Redress of Grievance

According to our forefathers, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution gives the men and women of the union the right to seek protection when our governments become tyrannical. The Military was set up as the Public Trust Protectors on November 19, 1863,  when Abraham Lincoln created the Public Trust to protect the 35 states of the union. Therefore, we have a right to invite the military to take out these governments and restore peace. Here is all you need to do:

  1. DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENT. Anyone who is 8 years and up can copy and paste the Redress for Grievance letter below and send it to: [email protected]  
  2. Use the Subject Line “Redress for Grievance”
  3. Copy and Paste the Redress of Grievance below.  We have already addressed this letter to the Generals from the Marine Corps and the Army – We have insider information that they are ready and waiting for us.
  4. Type your first, middle and last name in Proper Case at the end of the letter, then include your full address and phone number.
  5. SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE!  We need 100,000 people to do this in order to end the invasion of our land and remove the illegal government that has taken over.


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It is time to speak out and tell our Military what is wrong. Our forefathers spoke up against tyranny. Now it is our turn to let our voices be heard.

Feel free to download the Redress of Grievance we have linked to, or write your own. The great men and women of this Nation Under God can end this now.

Call in the Military and take back your freedom.  

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