Citizen’s Arrest Warrant

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March 8, 2022

Citizen’s Arrest Warrant for Joseph Robinette Biden

WE THE PEOPLE do hereby declare and decree that Joseph Robinette Biden- DOB 11/20/1942 has violated Oath of Office, committed serious felony offenses, including acts of DOMESTIC TERRORISM, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and TREASON against “We the People” of United States of America and the World.

We the People are victims of these crimes and have suffered substantial damages and losses as a direct result of Joseph Biden’s unlawful actions and emergency orders.

We the People have witnessed countless felony crimes being committed against our families, friends and members of the community, in addition to witnessing otherwise innocent people being forced to commit crimes by carrying out Mr. Biden’s criminal orders.

We the People have lived, witnessed and documented the fear, damage and trauma caused by Mr. Biden’s unlawful, unconstitutional and unethical leadership.

We the People are witnesses to Mr. Biden’s crime spree and are prepared to testify against him in a military tribunal.

We the people consider Mr. Biden’s actions war crimes against “We the People” and declare him an enemy of the people.

We the people declare the evidence of that fact is reflected in the unprecedented gun and ammo sales we are witnessing as people are arming themselves, according to the 2nd Amendment, to protect their families and communities from tyranny and a destructive government.

We the people declare Mr. Biden’s acts of domestic terrorism has and still is instilling fear into a civilian population that is creating a very unstable environment and it is further being propagated by the unlawful militarization of the police forces and propaganda being distributed to the masses through mainstream media.

We the people declare Mr. Biden’s acts of domestic terrorism, treason, crimes against humanity and serious human rights infringements are being committed and witnessed daily at schools and universities, police departments, retail and food service locations, corporate businesses, courthouses, city halls, government facilities, hospital and medical centers and more.

We the people traveled to Washington, DC to serve the abolishment of US Inc. to corporation President Joseph Biden during the Military/National Guard lockdown of the Capitol. Mr. Biden was served the Abolishment Notice on April 23, 2021 in Washington, DC.

We the people hand delivered the abolishment notice via the Capitol Hill Police, Commander of the Washington D.C National Guard, President Joseph Biden, Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz via official service mailboxes and government emails as well as reading it to National Guard soldiers and Capitol police officers in front of the capitol building.

We the people recognize that due to the unlawful militarization of and the corruption within the ranks of law enforcement agencies and the witnessing of police standing against the civilian population it is apparent that law enforcement cannot and or will not investigate and or arrest Mr. Biden for his crimes.

We the People believe his is due to the fact, that without Mr. Biden’s direct orders they cannot effectively live up to their oaths of office because they are appointed, funded and controlled by the very criminal regime running the abolished and bankrupted corporate government and the governing political racket that is TERRORIZING Americans.

We the people recognize that the law enforcement community are victims of this criminal empire also and that is reflected in County Sheriffs that are simply too afraid, corrupted, blackmailed, uneducated or unwilling to take action against Mr. Biden because it can damage their livelihoods and or risk their reputations and pensions

Therefore, if not a single law enforcement agency in this country is willing to do their jobs they swore an oath to do then “We the People” are left with no other viable options for justice than to exercise our full rights and duty and issue a call for a citizen’s arrest of Joseph Biden for the following crimes.

  • 18 U.S.C section 2331 (5)-Domestic Terrorism under Patriot Act
  • 18 U.S.C section 242- Deprivation of rights under color of law
  • 18 U.S.C section 2381- Treason
  • 18 U.S.C section 2382- Misprision of Treason
  • 18 U.S.C section 2383- Rebellion or Insurrection
  • 18 U.S.C section 2384- Seditious Conspiracy
  • 18 U.S.C section 2385- Advocating Overthrow of Government Crimes against Humanity

We the people demand the full support of all municipal, County, State, Federal Police, US Marshalls, Secret Service and United States Armed Forces to honor their oaths of office and do their jobs according to the constitutions and laws of the land by backing this lawful citizen’s arrest with the full and unwavering support the law enforcement community.

We the People declare this is a golden opportunity for the police to show “We the People” which side of the law that the law enforcement officers truly stand on. Do they keep aiding and abetting a Domestic Terrorist (18 U.S.C section 2331 (5)-l and commit treason by standing against we the people or do they arrest Biden and respect “We the People’s Rights” and assist us in carrying out our “DUTY”.


Apprehend Joseph Biden utilizing the full authority of law enforcement officers and US Armed Forces and surrender him to We the People for citizen’s arrest or make a public arrest of Mr. Biden and broadcast the arrest on mainstream media for the world to see. Seize all Mr. Biden’s assets according to Presidential Executive Order 13818- Blocking the property of Persons involved in serious Human Right Abuse and Corruption and return to We the People.


Total Records Found: 26516, showing 150 per page
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Kevin Stripling
Debbie Okuma-Johnson
Mike Riner
Sandra Marquart
Angela Mann
Mariza Nogueira Sorce Sorce
Charles Rosenberger
Daniel Atchison
Jackline Oliveira
Cynthia Cook
João Mata
Renee Radick
Gregg Smyth
James Collins
Melanie Barrett
Selene Sweck
Larry Cosmo
Teresa Staab
Avril Marten
Timothy Yocham
Kasey Soriano
Eva M Silvas
Ken Holzner
Ayres Maurício Brauner De Azevedo
Gina Cheaney
Mary Fowler
Mary Ellen Casey
Frederick Gillette
Martin Saporito
Catherine Saporito
Kathy Cox
Sharon Doak
Jennifer LindvallIsaksso
Gary Doak
Ewa Sudol
Benjamin Ulbricht
Cheryl Mcpherson
Jales Magalhães
Curt Cooper
Donald & Beverly Hebler
Cindy Johnson
James Mays
Sharon Zimmerman
Reme Maple
Kenny Maple
Juio Possidente
Maria José Gomes Goes
Cecilia Cressent
Luiz Leite
Marcelo Assis
Dana Eilts
scott mueller
Danielle Taylor
Dari Immediato
Adriana Pestana
Leila Regina Silva
Cristine Crum
Edna Olson
Deborah Westman
Lesli Kramer
Lori Ann Nota
Desiree Westman
Sandra Nasworthy
Timothy Kraska
Thomas Maga
Jane Dias
Marici Kussumi
Daiane Werle
Barbara Ford
Roberto Santos Barreto
Eric James Shaffer
Susan Swatek
Ineke Houwing
Paula Krzanowski
Robert Bauer
Alessandra De Sousa Pontes
Mary Walsh
Pamela Jean Crawford
Pam Austin
Shaun Messner
Gordon Johnson
Joanne Simpson
James Campin
Angela Zanotto
Claudia Schiavone Barberio
Claudia Schiavone Barberio
Marcelle Rymar
Leda Mara Cadore
Lizette Anes
Ronaldo Reiter
Keiko Hashimoto
José Ricardo Koraicho
Maria das Neves Barthel
Rogério Dinis David
Christine Denniss
Christine Lasko
Osmar Bispo Da Silva
Leonie Keogh
Kristina Sotiropoulos
Caroline Felinger
Richard Mellor
Rose E Ontiveros
André Mazzoleni
Jadelle Shealy
Angus Anes
Simidoceia Fialho
Jim Ramsey
Amberlee Hansen
Myers Wendy
Lynn Thompson
Linda Lazor
Paulo Lisboa
Lois Wolf
Sharon Cain
Marcelo Conrado
Gorica Stojanovski
Irad Ron
Dan R. Reynolds
Ângela Freitas
Maria Mays
Alberi Machado da Silva
Luis Santos
German Hernandez
Erika Kiss
Erika Kiss
Tommy Matos
Lisa Mills
Regina Fonseca
Lopes Sandra
Douglas Zancheti
Paulina Moraes
Don Wilson
Carlos Castelhano
Denise Murphy
Ron Samp
Carol Samp
Richard Frank
Nathan Knight
Merle Mulvin
Yvonne Dean
Theresa Hall
Josiane Dalpiva

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